Arizona Resort & Day Spa Tops the World’s Best List

Since their inception in the 1980s, day spas have become wildly popular worldwide. In a culture filled with stress, hectic schedules and a mind-numbing pace, spas offer welcome and much-needed downtime if even for an hour or two. According to two prominent industry authorities, when offered a global selection of destinations, travelers placed southwest locations – such as Scottsdale, Arizona resorts and spas – at the top of their lists.

In fact, three of the top five spas that earned Travel and Leisure’s World’s Best Award for 2007 were located in Arizona. What makes this state such a prime destination? The climate.

Benefits of Arizona’s Dry Climate

Ask anyone with allergies and they will quickly tell you they can breathe easier in a dry climate as opposed to a humid one. That’s primarily because chronically high levels of humidity (as often found in southern states) bring with it higher levels of mold and other unwanted irritants. In addition, humidity can cause breathing problems for those with asthma because it can contribute to the swelling of airways.

The solution lies in the dry, desert climate of cities like Tucson or Scottsdale. Resort hotels and spas in this region of Arizona stood out in SpaFinder’s 2007 State of Spa Travel survey. Given global choices, respondents noted that spas on the West Coast and in the Southwest United States were their top choices. But that’s not the only opinion they voiced.

Travelers’ #1 Consideration

The SpaFinder’s survey revealed participants’ number-one consideration when making travel plans for a spa: the facilities. Over half of respondents reported that the accommodations and spa offerings were what they considered as most important in making their selections. One quarter named cuisine, activities, desirable region, proximity to sightseeing and attractions, among other factors, as most important.

One Scottsdale, Arizona resort keys in on these customer desires by offering specialty accommodations including patio guestrooms, garden courtyard guestrooms and lagoon guestrooms. The accompanying spa boasts the use of certified organic and biodynamic herbs from their own herb farms to enhance traditional massage, manicure, pedicure and facial treatments.

Most Important Element

Whether they chose to visit Palm Springs, Austin or Scottsdale, resort-goers expressed that pampering was the biggest draw for attending a spa, with a full 84% describing it as “very important.” That should come as no surprise since the primary purpose of day spas has always been to pamper and de-stress its clientele.


One further consideration should be the cuisine available at the resort or spa you choose. While it typically isn’t mandatory that guests dine at the on-site restaurant, oftentimes packages are available that include restaurant privileges. If you have a preference of food or adhere to a particular diet, you might benefit by asking for details regarding dining options.

You’ll certainly want to take part in both sides of the spa experience: soothing and rejuvenating the outside as well as cleansing and pampering the inside. Ask about steam spa treatments to flush the skin followed by juices, broths or herbal teas designed to rid your system of unwanted elements that accumulate over time.

Then indulge yourself with an invigorating massage in the morning and a virtuous yet elegant dinner at night. With highly acclaimed, five-star chefs on staff, spa restaurants are well known for meals that are both nutritious and delectable.

Whether you agree with what those in these surveys voiced or have your own set of criteria for choosing a resort and spa,